CAN and BikeNZ present to Parliamentary Friends of Cycling

Glen Koorey, Deputy Chair of CAN, and Kieran Turner, Chief Executive of BikeNZ, gave a presentation on cycling safety and promotion to the "Parliamentary Friends of Cycling" on the evening of Tue March 23rd.

This invitation was from Kevin Hague, Green Party MP, who has initiated the "Parliamentary Friends..." as a new cross-party group of MPs interested in cycling issues. Their first get-together was held in November and this was their second meeting, held during the dinner break while Parliament was sitting.

Glen and Kieran introduced the two organisations and presented the collective thoughts of what these organisations see as the prime issues to address to improve cycling in this country. These included:

  • Speed
  • Road User Attitude, Culture and Education
  • Funding and Joined-up thinking

They also suggested some key solutions to these issues, including lower speed limits, "share the road" campaigns, and recognising the benefits of cycling and investing accordingly. A copy of the presentation is attached below.

About 9-10 MPs managed to get to this presentation, from across the National, Labour and Green parties (it will also be passed on to the wider "Friends" distribution list). The presentation appeared to be well received and there was some very good discussion with the MPs.

We'd like to thank Kevin Hague for this wonderful opportunity to engage with our elected members (as well as being a great collaborative exercise with BikeNZ).


Groups audience: 
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