Cycling into the mainstream: why bike baskets are an effective advocacy tool

Presented at VeloCity 2014

Thursday 29 May, 9:20am Hall E, Adelaide Convention centre
Presenting Author: Patrick Morgan
CAN - Cycling Advocates' Network, New Zealand  @patrickmorgan

Summary: Successful strategies for repositioning cycling from sport to transport

In a car-centric culture, how do you get more people on bikes, more often?

To achieve mainstream acceptance of cycling as a valuable part of an integrated transport system, advocates in New Zealand are repositioning cycling from the margins to the centre.

Although sport cycling is booming, until recently NZ government has paid little attention to recreational and transport cycling. By the 1980s school bike racks were replaced with car parks. Cycling mode share bottomed out at around 2%. Few women rode. People on bikes were treated with indifference or hostility.

How can we achieve the benefits of more people cycling, in a culture that considers cycling a sport for MAMILs, a kids toy, or a marginal choice for criminals, hippies and poor people?

You will learn how New Zealand cycling advocates have engaged with decision-makers, run campaigns and used media to move cycling into the mainstream.

One key message is that it's not about the bike. We focus on social well-being: a thriving economy, vibrant community, healthy people, clean air, affordable transport, and plenty of fun.

We will cover:
launching a nationwide network of advocates
building relationships with government, business and the community
presenting an irresistible case for investing in cycling
campaigns that challenge, entertain and influence
creating a credible voice in the media
why baskets are cool.