Sand pit

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The "Sand pit" is a group set up for people running local groups on the CAN website to share useful resources, ask questions, and practice adding and editing content.

The impetus for this group came from a workshop at the 2010 CAN-Do run by Stephen Blyth (Common Knowledge@sablyth).

Workshop presentation materials

Workshop presentation, from SlideShare available as slides, or from Vimeo as a video (including screencasts)

How to create content screencast, this step-by-step guide walks you through the main steps for creating and editing content. This links to a six minute video available from Vimeo. 

Workshop cheatsheet to download as PDFs

Brainstorming notes

Questions raised about different aspects of using the website, with answers coming

Other resources 

How to use the CAN website - tutorials

Formatting guide for CAN website

Helping online communities hum

Writing for the web resources (coming soon)

Detailed tutorial on Drupal 6 (the system used to run, from There is a charge for this online course.

This is a group for learning about the CAN website, set-up for the 2010 CAN-Do.