Minutes for the CAN (Cycling Action Network Incorporated) AGM 2021

Minutes for the CAN (Cycling Action Network Incorporated) AGM 2021



 The 2021 Annual General Meeting of the Cycling Action Network takes place via teleconference on 27th May 2021 at 7:30pm. 

The AGM isheld in accordance with CAN's Rules which are filed with the Companies Office.



TIME AND DATE: 7.30pm Thursday 27th May 2021

LOCATION: Video Conference.



Richard Hamer  - (NI Regional Board Member) 

Steve Cable -  (NI Regional Board Member)

Michael Cosgrove 

John Lieswyn

Richard Barter

Keith Turner

Dea Majstorovic (Secretary)

Geoff Sugden (Treasurer)

Jon Dean (Chairperson)

Anne Scott joined 8.02pm


Meeting opened at 7.34pm

1. Apologies 

  2. Approve the minutes of the previous AGM, held via Teleconference


The 2020 AGM was held as an extension of the adjourned 2019 AGM - in regards to any confusion re: minutes.

Moved: Michael Cosgrove

Seconded: Geoff Sugden

  3. Chairman’s report 

Tabled by Jon Dean.

4. Treasurer’s report 

 Receive and consider the Financial Statements for the year ended 31 June 2020.


Moved: Geoff Sugden

Seconded: Dea Majstorovic

  5. Other business as tabled in accordance with Rules

No other business raised.

  6. Election of board members 

Geoff Sugden nominated Dea Majstorovic for the position of Chairperson.

Michael Cosgrove nominated Geoff Sugden for the position of Treasurer.

Jon Dean nominated himself for the position of Secretary.

Richard Hamer nominated himself for the position of Regional Representative.

Steve Cable nominated himself for the position of Regional Representative.

Geoff Sugden nominated John Lieswyn for the position of Regional Representative.


The following members were elected to the 21/22 CAN Board unanimously:

Dea Majstorovic - Chairperson

Geoff Sugden – Treasurer

Jon Dean – Secretary

Richard Hamer - Regional Representative

Steve Cable - Regional Representative

John Lieswyn - Regional Representative


General discussion was had around the advantages of establishing 2 x Co-Chair positions to provide diversification of skills and support. Concerns were raised from the floor about the need to exercise due dilligence around this decision, with clarity and visibility required around any shared responsibilities. 

The current constitution does not allow for the sharing of the role - if the new Board consider this a matter worth pursuing, it would require an amendment to the CAN Constitution.


7. Other business

Discussion raised from the floor on the need to strengthen the structural links between the regional groups and CAN. General agreement from attendees. In relation to this, the need to improve CAN's communications and increase representation and diversity in member involvement, were discussed as other pertinent issues in pursuit of CAN's overarching purpose. 

8. Date of next meeting 27 May 2022

  9. The meeting is closed at 8.16pm.



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