Sizing up the City

People move about our cities in many ways. Babies are pushed around in buggies, people with disabilities propel themselves around in electric wheelchairs. People walk or ride bicycles; others catch public transport - buses, trams or trains. Many people rely on carbon-based fuels to power the technology that moves them about: they take their own cars. To support the 'just-in-time' delivery systems, drivers move goods all over our cities many times a day in light vans. Heavy truck drivers take goods to and from the ports and airports. All this movement adds up to a complex and growing web of activity. This book looks at the impact of this transport activity on New Zealand cities, how people view the urban fabric they live in, and our cities' resilience. A central theme running through the analysis is: What are the hidden costs of vehicle transport in cities, what are the co-benefits of more sustainable forms of transport, and can we adapt the form of our cities to probide more sustainable transport solutions?