Cyclecraft: the complete guide to safe and enjoyable cycling for adults and children

  • Now targeted at both adults and children, with special advice for parents
  • Reflects experience gained through implementation of Bikeability, the National Cycle Training Standard
  • Restructured to present a more effective teaching order, with more detailed advice on the basics of starting to cycle
  • Updated for current bike styles and equipment
  • New chapters on carrying children and goods and riding with others

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Cyclecraft is closely associated with Bikeability,
the National Cycle Training Standard, for which it is the recommended
course book and required reading by cycle training instructors. This
edition of Cyclecraft has been
thoroughly revised and extended, in part to reflect experience gained
through implementation of the National Standard.

The author of Cyclecraft,
John Franklin, is a consultant and registered Expert Witness on cycling
skills and safety and was a member of the reference group that set up
the National Standard.

CAN has 3 copies in its library. One lent to David Laing 15/4/09, one to Lou G, one to Anne F 6/5/09.
You can also find it at Wellington Public Library or maybe your local library.


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