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Here at Cycling Action Network, I am proud of our volunteers and the work we do every day. We’ve achieved a lot. None of this is possible without the generous support of supporters and donors such as yourself. Thank you.

campaigning for a safe passing rule to speaking up for better biking, we work hard to stand up for your rights. But bikelash is real. There’s so much more we can do. That’s why we’re aiming to raise $10,000 in four weeks for our advocacy work.

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We turn your donation into action. Our small but mighty team is working hard for more bike lanes, safe speeds, and getting more kids on bikes. It’s time-consuming work, often taking years of campaigning to get the changes we’re after.

What we’re doing with your support

Give us room
Don't you hate it when people pass you too closely? It's scary and dangerous - but not illegal. CAN campaigns for a safe passing law, to protect people on bikes. This has been stuck in Government processes for far too long. Help us make this law.

We speak up for biking
CAN is a tireless voice for biking. Since 1997, we've been busy making our case to MPs, councillors, Waka Kotahi, and the public. We talk to news media, support the bike community, run events, and win campaigns. Here's our achievements. Our mission is to get more people on bikes, more often.

E-bike and bike subsidy
Bikes and e-bikes are convenient, quick and fun, but the purchase price is a barrier for many people. The Government subsidises EVs. Why not bikes and e-bikes too? Use our submission guide to call for an even playing field.

Streets for People
Reshaping Streets | Waka Kotahi NZ Transport Agency
We deserve nice streets. Cities are grappling with urgent problems, like congestion, unsafe streets, and dangerous carbon emissions. Councils lack the tools to do the job.
CAN advocates for better tools so that Councils can fix our streets quickly.

CAN is New Zealand's national charity standing up for better biking. At times when we find we’re the only ones in the room representing people who ride bikes, I wonder, if not us, then who stands up for your rights? So please, help us keep the pressure on and donate today.

There’s power in numbers. With your continued support, together we can do even more.
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Patrick Morgan
Cycling Action Network