Membership promotion letter

Membership promotion letter

Much talked about and it's now it's all go - the Rotorua Cycle Action group has formed this year.

It is a non-profit group, part of the nationwide umbrella group of Cycling Advocates CAN and we are here for you to try and do our best to make cycling - recreational, commuting or whatever you do on your bike, safer in Rotorua. Therefore we need your support! So, what can YOU do?

JOIN! - it's free, so there's nothing that should hold you back! Simply go to and click on 'click here to join' - and you will be signed up to our membership group.

COME TO OUR MEETINGS - we meet on a monthly basis on a Tuesday at the Pig & Whistle (upstairs), next meeting is on Tuesday, 14 October 2008 at 5.30 pm. Meetings go for about 1hr and are open to everyone.

TELL US - tell us what you think needs to be done! We are here for you to relay messages to the people at RDC and to get things done. If you know a certain spot or corner, that needs a cycle lane or an advanced biking stop box, areas that need to be sweeped on a regular basis etc....send us a detailed description to where it is, what you think should be done to make cycling safer, if you can, take a picture - and off it goes! So don't just sit on your bike, moaning to yourself, write it down and let us know!

TELL EVERYONE ELSE! - It's easy - the more know about it, the more can be done! So, after you've joined up, go and tell everyone you know that rides a bike and cares about safe cycling in Rotorua!

Attached is a flyer with some info on our group, feel free to distribute this email and the flyer as far and wide as possible - if you have any questions, send Clarrie Hall an email on

(See attached file: RCA flyer general.pdf)
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