Let's go Dutch! Transport experts visit Wellington

Let's go Dutch! Transport experts visit Wellington

Two Dutch transport experts visited Wellington City Council at the end of November, as part of their trip to NZ to assess the new Christchurch cycling masterplan. I joined them on a tour around the city and for a meeting with the Mayor and Deputy Mayor. 

They see that Wellington's lack of safe cycling is putting off people who would love to use active transport.

Their objectives: for cycle facilities that are 'coherent, direct, attractive, safe and comfortable'. For Island-Bay-CBD they see this means 'biting the bullet' and making good provision along the direct route - with detours possible as options but not as the core provision.

They hate mixing bikes and buses - it conflicts with their guiding principle of separating vehicles of different weights and different speeds (whether in time or space).

There needs to be a prominent masterplan, and a consistent 'cross-section' so cyclists and motorists know what to expect. They don't like the idea of mixing different styles of bike path along a route to respond to local differences.

Big roading projects should free up other roads to change their place in the transport hierarchy - such as the motorway improvements allowing private-vehicle capacity on Hutt Road north of Thorndon to be reduced in favour of bikes and buses.

There's a great article about the visit on the front page of the Wellingtonian:


- James

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