CAW Membership Report 2010-2011

CAW Membership Report 2010-2011

There are 69 current, paid-up members of Cycle Aware Wellington (as of 30/4/2011). 

This time last year there were 65 paid-up, and by the end 2010 there were 101 members.   A couple have moved or decided not to renew, leaving around 30 members from last year who have yet to renew. 

There are 544 members of the Friends of CAW email list.

At the CAN AGM 2011, membership fees were increased across the network, and passed on to local groups.   From 1st January 2011, CAN's membership fees increased by $5 to

Unwaged: $20 ( was $15)

Waged:  $35 (was $30)

 Family: $40 (was $35)

 Supporting organisation: $85 (was $75)


Reasons are: recent GST rise to 15%;  basic expenses (printing, communications, etc) continue to rise ; some significant funding sources (e.g. NZTA)ceased.

It is proposed that CAW raise its membership fees in line with the CAN levies.

CAN implemented membership database -  CiviCRM – in the last year.  It is hosted on the CAN website.  There is the opportunity for CAW to manage membership lists, including bulk emails, sub payments, via CiviCRM.  Our current database – Member Ties – is hosted on an individual, personal computer.  The email list is separate and on a personal account.  CAW will investigate using the CAN database for membership admin.

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The CAW AGM passed a resolution aligning the fees to CAN fees.