CAW meeting minutes 1 June 2010

CAW meeting minutes 1 June 2010

CAW Meeting
1 June – Thistle Hall, Cuba St, 6pm

Present: Illona Keenan (Chair), Alastair Smith, Tony Anderson, Celia Wade-Brown
(WCC), Bruce Spedding, Emma Roache, Atom Emet, Mark Coburn, Gilbert Sanseau,
David Young, Patrick Morgan (CAN), John Randal, Claire Pascoe, Dion
O’Neale (Minutes).
Apologies: Robert Ibell, Liz Thomas, Kate Zwartz, Paul Bruce, Russell Tregonning. Yvonne Weeber.

1: Celia asked CAW to suggest locations where new bicycle parks would be of
most benefit. A google maps document similar to that used already to record
cycling black-spots will be put on the CAW website
for people to use to mark
locations. (Patrick to action - done)

2: CAW planning meeting for 2010 priorities (and tea party); this will be held
Saturday, 19th June at Illona’s house (12 Carlisle St, Island Bay) 1pm - 4pm. Cup
cakes will be served!
Topics/issues raised might include:
• Thorndon – signage for cars travelling to/from businesses and crossing the
• Oriental Parade.
• Waterfront to CBD access routes for cyclists (e.g. Whitmore St, Bowen St)
• Karori tunnel, Glenmore St.
• Shelly Bay and nearby – possibility of the road being closed to cars for 1
(Sun)day per month to make an area for safe cycling/walking, etc.
• Possibility of establishing a marked cycle-lanes along the waterfront in
light of heavy traffic on the Quays and possible cyclist/pedestrian conflict
along the waterfront.
• Pushing for better links to existing cycle paths and facilities.
• A celebratory event (e.g. Love to Roll).
• Bus driver training & informing cyclists of issues bus drivers face (a bus at
go-by-bike day?)
• Push for establishing obvious “cycle boulevards” – arterial routes for cyclists.
• Efforts to encourage cyclists to make themselves more visible on the roads
(lights, reflectors, etc).
• Encourage more “slip-by” lanes for cyclists at suitable give way signs.

3: Claire reported on a workshop with NZBus. There is good-will for NZBus and
CAW to better understand the points of view of each other.

4:Safe And Sustainable Transport Reference Group report: No CAW
representative at last SASTRG meeting.

5: GWRC Active Transport meeting (Alastair): “Cruise the Waterfront”
presentation from CAN was well received. A study on behaviour of cyclists when
approaching obstructions was presented. A report on Transmission Gully was
presented --- no particular provisions are planned for cyclists or walkers with the
exception of some over/underpasses.

6: Cruise the Waterfront campaign (Claire): Lots of engagement with cyclists and
pedestrians. Many bells distributed.

7: Bikes on trains (Patrick):
• Currently it looks like bikes will not be carried on trains during peak travel
• Folding bikes will be treated as luggage, not as bicycles.
• Bikes may be carried on trains in contra-peak direction during peak travel
• During off-peak travel periods there is the possibility of allowing more than
two bikes per unit.
• Bikes on trains are currently free --- this will hopefully remain the case.

8: Wellington tunnels refurbishment: Yvonne Weeber will represent CAW at a
community reference group regarding this. Feedback and opinions should be sent
to her. Alternative cycle routes during the closure period of the Mt Vic tunnel are
of concern. Clearways could be used to create temporary cycle lanes during the
closure period. A sealed cycle route over Mt Vic would also provide an alternative

9: Windy Wheels newsletter: This will appear soon. Please send articles to Claire.

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