CAW 1 June meeting - Thistle Hall

Come along to CAW meeting at Thistle Hall - Upper Cuba Street

1 June 6-7:30pm

All sorts of exciting things to discuss....

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  1. Welcome (5 mins)
  2. CAW 2010 - priorities (10mins - plus additional get together - with cake involved)
  3. Feedback from meetings - SASTRG and Active Transport (10 minutes)
  4. Cruise the Waterfront camapign report (Claire, 5 mins)
  5. Bikes on trains and buses (Patrick, 5 mins)
  6. Wellington Tunnels Refurbishment (see below) (Yvonne 5min)
  7. Submissions (Alastair, 5min)
  8. Bike parks needed  (Celia, 5min)
  9. Email/Web communication (Alastair, 5min)
  10. Upcoming events

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From Yvonne Weeber []

Can we please add to the Agenda - Wellington Tunnels Refurbishment.
I am goint to a meeting on Tuesday 8 June and it would be good to have a discussion on:
1. What happens when the Victoria Tunnel is closed for 4 to 5 weeks in December for refurbishment?
2. What things need to be looked at in and around the tunnel to make it safer, healthier, more pleasant (anything else)?
Happy to get emails if you can't come along to the meeting.
Yours Yvonne
PS anyone know how many cyclists use the Mt Victoria Tunnel?

the annual WCC cordon count may give an estimate for cycle traffic through the tunnel.
I wonder if there's a case for getting WCC to upgrade one of the routes over Mt Vic (e.g. Pirie St - Velodrome) to road bike quality?

Paul Bruce