Bike Wise Month Feb 2009: What's in it for your Group?

Bike Wise Month Feb 09: What's in it for your Group?

Next year Bike Wise runs the whole month of February 09.

Main events are:

  • Go By Bike Day (Breakfast)

  • The Mayoral Challenge

  • The Bike Wise Business Battle

Bike Wise events are a great to:

  • promote biking

  • get more people on their bikes

  • build relationships with Council Staff and Councillors (e.g. Mayoral Challenge)

  • increase group membership.

What are organisations in your area planning for Bike Wise?

Find out by talking with your:

  • Council Road Safety Coordinator

  • Regional Sports Trust contact (Sport...)

  • Police Youth Education Officer

  • District Health Board person (DHB)

Or check with Bike Wise Event Coordinator, Amy England ph 04 894 6366. She has a list of all events happening around the country. The Events list on the Bike Wise website will be a useful resource - after registrations close during December.

Once you know what's happening- discuss with the coordinator ways for your group to be involved. E.g. ask for a table to put info. about your group (sign up sheets etc) and for some of the Bike Wise resources for your group to distribute.

No one in your area running a Bike Wise event OR do you have other event ideas (e.g. social rides, bike maintenance classes)?


Any questions or if you just want to bounce some ideas contact:


How did you go with the application, Ron?

No confirmation yet. Fiona suggests I should email to ensure the app;ication has been received.

Hi, if you are unsure if your Bike Wise registration has been completed, please feel free to contact the Bike Wise team by emailing at any time with your full name so we can check the registration for you.

We are trying to make the registration process as smooth as possible for all users. If anyone experiences problems with the online registration system I would love to know so they can be fixed and improvements be made.

Thanks and good luck with your events.
The Bike Wise Team

I believe they won't post the events on the website until December - seems a bit weird - it would be good motivation to see other events I would have thought! They're not planning to confirm until you receive your stuff.