Wellington Go By Bike Day coordinators

Lots of people from Cycle Wellington and Wellington City Council have contributed to making Go By Bike Day in Wellington a success over the years.

Here's a partial list of organisers.

Christina Van Dam
Marilyn Northcotte
Annemarie Delaney
Ash Peters
Christina Bellis
Claire P
Hugh Young
Kim Young
Shalee F
Georgia Halley
2023: Trish Given

Groups audience: 


It's great to see so many people contributing to the success of Go By Bike Day in Wellington! Thanks for sharing this list of organizers who have helped make the event a success over the years. It's always inspiring to see a community come together to promote sustainable transportation and healthy living. SEO company in Cincinnati


Great job to these awesome organizers! 

That's great to hear! It's always encouraging to see communities coming together to promote sustainable transportation options like biking. Celebrating events like Go By Bike Day can help raise awareness of the benefits of biking, such as reducing traffic congestion and improving physical and mental health. It's also an opportunity to showcase the bike-friendly infrastructure and resources available in the community.

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event planning company Go By Bike Day is a great way for commuters to enjoy the Wellington scenery.

Indeed! I couldn't agree more!