Bike and bus lanes are generally good for business

"An urban myth has taken hold in some parts of Wellington that bike lanes are bad for business. It happened in Island Bay and it’s happening again in Newtown." - source Dominion Post, 2022.

The opposite is true.

An analysis of more than a dozen studies looking at the impact of improved cycling and pedestrian infrastructure on business shows a largely positive impact on earnings.

In some cases, there was no impact on business, but in the majority of cases from more than three dozen cities, earnings increased after the introduction of cycling lanes and removal of street parking.

CAN vigourously advocates for safe and pleasant streets, with protected bike lanes on busy streets, and traffic calming such as 30 kmh speeds on quieter streets.



Interesting. Bike lanes have been found to boost local sales across San Francisco, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and other U.S. cities with several studies confirming their impact. I believe that it will also work in other cities and countries. 


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Thank you for sharing that information. It's important to combat misconceptions and base decisions on evidence-based research. Encouraging safe and accessible cycling and pedestrian infrastructure can have many positive impacts on both individuals and communities as a whole, including improving public health, reducing traffic congestion and emissions, and promoting local economic growth. It's important to prioritize the safety and well-being of all road users, and that includes investing in sustainable transportation options like cycling and walking. Miami Real Estate Company

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