Minutes 5 April 2018

Minutes 5 April 2018

North Taranak Cycling Advocates

5 April 2018 MINUTES

Chair: Graeme Minutes taker: Stuart PRESENT Quinn, Graeme, Nigel, Alan, Stuart, Joelle APOLOGY Nathaniel

1. TRC consultation on their long time - closes tomorrow but surely they will issue revision with new Government Policy Statement that increases funding for public and active transport.

2. TRC are updating Taranaki's Land Transport Plan and want our input prior to 20 April Action: Quinn will draft submission and circulate for our input.

3. MoT consultation on draft GPS for 2018 - closes early May Action Graeme will contact Patrick to see if CAN has a summary and submission template.

4. Taranaki Tracks and Trails Petition from Sport Taranaki - Joelle reports results are being collated.

5. Council's draft long term plan supposed to be out for consultation next week - discussed need for NTCA to oppose sale of public reserves on which Fitzroy Golf Course located.

6. Balances Bike kitchen: $1433.00 NTCA $556.48

7. Bike Kitchen working on becoming incorporated - needs more volunteers.

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It came out for public consultation the day after our meeting: