Living Streets wants to change give way rules to favour pedestrians, and seeks CAN support

Andy Smith from Living Streets wants to know if CAN would support a change to the give way rules.

In summary: drivers of turning vehicles should give way to pedestrians (and other non-vehiclar traffic) that are crossing the road the vehicle is turning into (ie adopt the Australian and UK rules).

In addition, they note that such a change in road user rules would:
• be consistent with current rules at traffic signals (drivers at traffic signals, including a
driver turning left or right, must give way to pedestrians lawfully crossing or about to
cross the road, clause 3.2 of the Land Transport (Road User) Rule).
• greatly assist with the establishment of "Safe Routes" to school (students crossing sideroads
would be given greater priority).
• greatly improve the safety of pedestrians crossing side roads as they are often not given
adequate warning by approaching vehicles intending to turn

Andy says he's had support from AA and interest from NZTA. He's off to see Assoc Minister Simon Bridges today.

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on our increasingly congested roads. I think it a good idea - what do Living Streets want us to do?

David H