Bluff to Cape Reinga by Bike
Wellington endurance athlete Thomas Lindup aims to write his name in the record books with a solo bike ride the length of New Zealand.

On 2nd of March, he will start what will be the first unsupported record attempt for the length of New Zealand by bike, a distance of 2,170 km.

Past records have been set with support from teams of helpers, campervans, and a helicopter over Cook Strait. The supported record is 4 days 16 hours and 40 minutes, set by Fielding postie Colin Anderson in 2007.

Mr Lindup says he aims to create a more realistic record, while trying to make New Zealand roads a safer place for biking.

"I've dreamed of cycling the length of New Zealand since I was at college. I love biking, and this is the longest ride I could think of."

He will raise awareness for the Cycling Advocates' Network (CAN) and its Share the Road campaign.

CAN project manager Patrick Morgan welcomes Mr Lindup's ambitious efforts.

"CAN believes that we all have a part to play in improving road safety, whether as a driver or cyclist. We all need to raise our game to make our roads safer and more pleasant."

CAN also campaigns for:
* Cycle skills training to ensure everyone has the opportunity to undertake training that would include understanding the road rules and what responsible riding means
* Continuous cycle lanes through our cities and shoulders on key rural roads.

Mr Lindup, 24, is not new to endurance riding. He has an age-group World title in 24-hour solo mountain biking, and holds the record for riding 4 times around Lake Taupo, a distance of 630 km.

‘This is something I have wanted to do since I got into endurance riding. Doing it this way into prevailing winds is going to be a real adventure. Out there, just the bike and me battling out the K's, it will be epic."

"And what better cause to do it for than CAN, which is doing everything possible to make cyclists safer on our roads."

Mr Lindup's sponsors are:
Niner Bikes
Ay Up lights

For updates, visit
For live tracking of Thomas during the event, vist
(The name now appears as Thomas Lindup.  Thanks to Nathan Mawkes who owns the spot tracker)

CONTACT: Thomas Lindup, tel 021 546 123
or Patrick Morgan tel 027 563 4733

Release Date: 
Friday, 25 February, 2011
February 25, 2011 Anonymous (not verified)


As some of you know I embark on a attempt to set the record for riding the length of New Zealand on my bicycle with no support. I will be starting on Wednesday (2 March) morning in Bluff and hope finish in a timely manner at the Cape. Here are some links to follow my progress during the ride.

First the Facebook event page. This is where I would like to upload photos and updates as I ride. But at this stage I have not quite been able to with my phone. My actual page I can update with ease, so look there for a selection of 4am ramblings.

My blogspot. This as some preamble and also has easy links to everywhere else.

The tracker site. This is where thanks to technology enables you to actually see me the entire time, well virtually. I carry a Spot tracker with me on my bike. this then notes my position every 10 minutes and posts it on the following website. The device also has help and 111 buttons to summon aid in dark times. It tends to zoom in heaps when you load it but scroll out a bit and you will see how I am doing.

I am doing this ride not only for the record but also to raise cycle awareness and get some funds together for the organisation who do cycle awareness best, CAN or the Cycle Advocates Network. I have set up a fundraising page at the link below. Please donate if you are able. Regardless of if you donate or not get out there on your bike and when you do drive take care around cyclists.

Happy pedaling Thomas - I rode a fair bit of State Highway 1 up the South Island  in October last year to get up to the CAN Do. I hope you've got a rear vision mirror of some sort - I found mine invaluable on that trip. 

Thomas made it through Ash-vegas and is heading north on SH1.

Follow him here:

Looks as if Thomas survived the Kaikoura coast road and got to Picton last night, that's the waka done, now for te Ika

He's on the move again. Vigorous southerly blowing here in Wello.

Thomas reached Auckland after a 24-hour stint but due to knee problems has decided to end his trip there.
I hear he's on the bus back to Wellington.

it's still an amazing and impressive effort