Changes to GPS on Land Transport Funding

Attached is a letter from Barry Kidd advising you of the changes being made to the Government Policy Statement (GPS) on Land Transport Funding 2009/10 - 2018/19.

These changes are important to understand because they will affect funding applications to the NZ Transport Agency in the future.

This letter is being sent electronically and in the mail to several key stakeholders in the land transport sector.

If you have any questions about the letter please contact Jacob McElwee on (04) 439-9320 or at

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Some changes around category definitions, but no real change in how much walking & cycling will be funded. CAN could conceivably get funding out of at least the "road user safety" and "walking & cycling" classes now, and maybe even "local road operations/maintenance".

What we do need to keep an eye on is the revised GPS due out next year; all the more reason to talk to MoT.