urban design project on cycle safety

urban design project on cycle safety


Ashton Wright (ashton-wright@hotmail.com) wants to do an urban design project on cycle safety. I've pointed him at CAN/WCC/GWRC resources, but get in touch with him if you've got views about the particular area he's studying.


Hi there,

MY name is Ashton and i am a student at Victoria University, in my 4th year of the masters of architecture.

At the moment i am engaged in a project which is addressing urban design issues regarding cycle safety. In particular the parliamentary, bus and train station area.

I am emailing you in hope you may have some thoughts on this areas cycle safety, and maybe have access to some supporting information regarding Wellington's cycle safety statistics etc.

It would be great to hear from you regarding this project i am doing, where any thoughts or information would be greatly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

Ashton Wright

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As part of his project, Ashton has developed a survey, which he'd like you to fill out: