- The Case For Separated Bike Lanes in NYC

An interesting video about the issues surrounding cycle lanes and cycle paths in one of the USA's largest cities.



This video is specifically highlighing the need for physically SEGREGATED cycling facilities,-as opposed the merely painted on asserted cycle lanes that cycle advocates and traffic planners in New Zealand still seem to believe provide an adequate environment for 'all cyclists'.
For those of us who ride on and are satisfied with painted on cycle-lanes, remember that, of the huge proportion of New Zealanders who refuse to contemplate cycling because they are forced by law to 'share the road' with motor-vehicles, there are a lot who might otherwise take up cycling - given physically segregated cycling facilities.

For cycling as a form of transport to become universally practicable and appealing to everyone in New Zealand, it is essential for those of us in the Cycle Advocacy movement to recognise this need and to start focusing our energies on getting IDEAL environments established instead of expending time and energy on compromise solutions that only very few people will ever use.

Segregated pathways are The Way Forward!
They will provide the environment that will ensure that movement is made towards achieving the Sustainable Transport Strategy's stated goal of getting 30% of New Zealanders using 'active' modes of transport.

I wonder how much of the $8.7 billion to be spent on 'Land Transport' just announced by the National Government
is likely to be made available to achieve this goal?

Alan Preston in Mangawhai, Northland.