Planning a Beach Ride this summer?

Bicycle lifestyle blog Copenhagenize has shared some striking photos of a local Copenhagen beach at Amager Strand Park. In a wonderful illustration of how pervasive the usage of bikes are in the city, the images show off the beach’s 5000 bike racks, all of which are filled to overflowing on any given weekend day. As one commenter on Copenhagenize said “It’s the ideal life for a green planet”.


Why not organise a 'beach ride' (or ride to an iconic feature) in your area and occupy the space for a day! 



Bikes at Beach Copenhagen 1Bikes at Beach, Copenhagen



Up here at Mangawhai Heads Beach( 110 kms north of Auckland ) the Kaipara District Council is finishing work on a new carpark to replace the free-for-all that previously existed here.
No provision has been made for people choosing to cycle there at peak ( summer holiday )times, as many will inevitably need to do because of the limited number of car-parks available. The last 2 kilometres to the beach are narrow and windy (as in 'tortuous') and cyclists really need a segregated pathway,- as is probably the case at many beaches in New Zealand.
Our local Transition Towns Group has just decided on a plan to do a group ride from Mangawhai Village to the Mangawhai Heads beach - and to send a report to our local Council on what we think needs to be done to improve it.

-Meanwhile, at Mount Maunganui,which, like the beach pictured in Copenhagen, is adjacent to a large flat urban area, virtually nobody goes to the beach by bicycle.
I suggest it is inappropriate and restrictive laws that cyclists are subject to and the virtual unobtainability of appropriate utility style bicycles in New Zealand that are keeping us in our cars.

Note that the cyclists in the pictures are not wearing helmets, that they're riding bicycles that aren't made for mountains or racing, and that they're riding on the footpath.

Alan Preston in Mangawhai, Northland.
Promoting urban appropriate utility bicycles and utility cycling in New Zealand