National Cycleway - media reports

Listen to Rod Oram's interview on the National Cycleway. The item was on National Radio on 3rd March 2009.

Updated with links to reports as they come to hand.

Listen to Rod Oram's interview on the National Cycleway (MP3 attached below). The item was on National Radio on 3rd March 2009.

His points:

  • it need to be a network, not just an end-to-end route;
  • CAN working on Freeway Zero;
  • needs more than $50 million;
  • benefits would be huge for locals and tourists;
  • could include Auckland Harbour Bridge.

How the cycleway became the PM's pet project, Sunday Star Times, 2 March 2009

Bruce Sheppard on Stuff: Let's get this cycle way right, 4 March 2009

Axel Wilke on Newstalk ZB, 2 March 2009

Brian Rudman: Don't recycle culture into construction, 4 March, NZ Herald

Garth George: On yer bike - not bloody likely, 5 March, NZ Herald

Discussion on Vorb

Cycleway 'being taken seriously', Key says, NZ Herald 10 March 2009

Barbara Cuthbert: Key could be on the right track with cycleway, NZ Herald 10 March 2009

Concrete plan- John Key says the cycleway will be paved, NZ Herald 11 March 2009

Scenery priority on zig-zag bike track- discussions on where the route should go, NZ Herald 14 March 2009

Is the cycleway a winner? - Stuff, 21 March 2009

National cycleway could cost $300m, says engineer- Radio NZ, 23 March 2009

Why Key's national bike track could be paved with gold - NZ Herald, 23 March 2009

New Zealand's No.16 must do - Close-up, TVNZ, 27 March 2009; a very positive overview of the economic success of the Otago Rail Trail, followed by an interview with Graham Wall, the originator of John Key's national cycleway idea

PM promises $50m in Budget for cycleway - NZ Herald, 14 May 2009

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And from Bruce Sheppard:
The three big ideas

1) Nine day fortnight (on the presumption that it will be for the same pay).

2) A new organization to extend distressed businesses either more debt or equity to save jobs.

3) And a length of the country cycle way!

Only the second one has much merit but is an obvious requirement to stabilize the economy. The first has a bit and the last on the face of it is entirely laughable, or is it?

Deborah Coddington's article in support of the cycleway:

Try this if you cannot find it on their home page:

2 more reports in the Herald today: Cycleway 'being taken seriously', Key says Barbara Cuthbert: Key could be on the right track with cycleway

Wonder who these people are that are working on the delivery plan:

"Mr Key said officials were actively working on a delivery plan for the Government"

Prime Minister's staff or NZTA or ....?

Not NZTA; they haven't been in the loop. I don't think it has occurred to anyone in Govt that this is more likely to be used as a transport route rather than a tourism route...

I believe Cabinet gave it to Ministry of Tourism (within Ministry of Economic Development) on Monday. Have put them in touch with CAN.

See new Herald article added- PM/cycle planner/engineer Key says the cycleway shall be paved. We'll have to get him along on a Fundamentals course next, if he keeps this up...

From Steve:
"The online Herald ( is running an online poll, and asks "Would building a cycleway the length of NZ really boost the economy?" After 3432 votes, it's 43% yes, and 57% no. One of the YES votes is mine! Cheers Steve