Squeaky Wheel Flyer Promotion esp for Bike Wise Week

Next February is Bike Wise month. A great opportunity for Squeaky Wheel to promote itself and increase membership.

To help CAN is offering to coordinate and pay for the design and printing of a
folded postcard or a business card for Squeaky Wheel to hand out to people at Bike Wise and other events. Attached is brief info. on how to get this happening - its easy! Plus some possible designs.

We want to get the design done by Christmas, so that we have time in January to get them printed and sent out to you.

We need to know Squeaky Wheel requirements by Friday (5 December). 

I haved posted separately to Jon last Friday but thought should post here too!




At the SW meeting I said I would find out a bit more info.
SW logo is 3 colours (black-wording; green road; blue wheel spokes).
So, SW can have up to 4 colours for the business and Spokes Cards if have a print run of up to 200 (as it is digital printing rather than a print run).
So, I suggest we get 200 (perhaps less?) business cards printed using the three colours. I would like to suggest that the back of the card has CAN logo and website as it gets the connection going btwn the local group and CAN. Also, still enough whitespace to scribble stuff.
Re the Spokes Card please scroll down through the "Resources for Groups brief" file, once past the "brief" info. it has a "mock up" done for "Cycle Action Coromandal" and it is editable. Just change the words & contact details to SW's. Just to be clear the colours for the background are the designers choice, so may not be orange and green. Can someone please fiddle with this and send me the SW mock up by Monday at latest. This then goes to the designer and we will get final sign off before they are printed. No risk lets just do it!

I have done as suggested by Fiona, and will include the results above as attachment ('business card_postcard.pdf' pages 2-4,) to the main article. Comments and input are welcome.