cycling infrastructure

Advanced cycle lanes and advanced stop boxes at signalised intersections

In approximately 1975, the then Christchurch City Council, in conjunction with the National Roads Board, marked a cycle lane up to the intersection limit lines on the Kilmarnock Street approach to the Deans/Kilmarnock intersection in Christchurch.  In 1978 the Ministry of Transport produced a draft standard for the design of cycle facilities. The draft was approved by the National Roads Board for a trial that was conducted by the Traffic Committee of the Road Research Unit, in 1980.

A guide to getting a cycle track into your local park

** under construction **

Children love biking but need more places to ride. This guide aims to help you get a bike track in your local park. Good for adults too!

1. Commit to making it happen.
Ask your friends for support. Form a small team and set yourself a target.

2. Talk to your local council and biking groups
It helps having a champion on the council. Staff at the parks or recreation department should be able to help.

3. Plan
Write a plan with the objective, budget, a timeline, and who does what.