CAN AGM minutes 2011

CAN AGM minutes 2011

Date: 29 October, 5:00 PM

Venue: Auckland Point School, Nelson

1. Attendance and apologies

  • Present: Graeme Lindup, Adrian Croucher, Stephen Wood, Glen Koorey, Kevin Hague, Patrick Morgan, Richard Butler, Robbie Price, Julie Roe, Anne Fitzsimon, Elaine Richardson, Jane Dawson, Bev Muir, John Baldwin, Lynn Sleath, Richard Hamer, David Hawke
  • Apologies: Jean-Paul Thull, Barbara Cuthbert, Barbara Insull, Robert Ibell

2. Review of 2010 AGM minutes

Minutes from the 2010 CAN AGM were accepted. Proposed: Jane, seconded: Glen.

3. Matters arising

From the Chairperson's report: "that CAN review its operations and collaborative funding opportunities with the intention to retain a CAN office in Wellington and a staff resource in 2011 and beyond."- done.  
Sliding scale for supporting organisation membership- to be discussed below under notices of motion.  
Cycling conference funds- have set up separate bank accounts for the conference funds. Jane has begun work drafting a policy detailing how the funds are to be managed.  

4. Office holders' reports

a) Chairperson's report

Graeme tabled a detailed report of CAN's operations over the past year.  
Major events included the office transition in Wellington; attracting an anonymous $50,000 donation which helped secure Patrick's continued employment; the spate of cycling deaths last November, and the follow-on activity from them; starting work on the NZTA Safer Cycling project and employing Jena Niquidet to run it.  
We have also recently moved all our finances and accounting to the Xero online system, which is now working, however opening balances from last year are not yet finalised.  
Graeme's report also includes suggested priorities for the coming year- to be reviewed tomorrow as part of the CAN Do.  
Thanks to Jane for her work as interim treasurer this year. Thanks also to committee members Gaz Sanvicens, Glen Koorey and Adrian Croucher, who are stepping down.  

b) Treasurer's report

Has been a challenging year keeping up with financial administration. We changed from a calendar financial year to July-June; finished Networking Project funding and merged project and working accounts; Liz Mikkelsen stepped down as treasurer, to be replaced briefly by Bill Wright, after which Liz stepped in again temporarily, and then Jane as interim treasurer, before co-opting and electing Elaine Richardson as treasurer in September.  
Auditing of accounts is not yet finished- so final accounts were not presented. They should be available within the next two weeks.  
Financial position is good- we had approximately $34,000 left over from the Networking Project funding, and have used some of it on staff salaries. Then came the $50,000 donation and NZTA projects. Spending on core activity (e.g. Chainlinks, CAN Do, committee meetings) is somewhat down, partly because we have been doing more things funded by outside agencies. Membership income is steady. However we have a slightly complex system of levies (for members of affiliated groups) that may need simplifying in terms of how it's recorded.  
We currently have reserves for core activities. We have budgeted to the end of 2011, but need to start planning for 2012, especially when current NZTA funding finishes.  
Have been spending more than we used to on things that used to be solely voluntary (e.g. Chainlinks, and Alex's work on data entry). Probably need to see this as a model for the future- not as many people are willing to do this work voluntarily now (especially when the workload is large, such as Liz Mikkelsen's work as treasurer).  
We have a very good base for the future, with lots of projects to build on- but need people to do them.  
Will need to have a special meeting to adopt audited accounts when they are available.  
Auditors are currently Ainger Tomlin. Jane moved that we reappoint them for the coming year; seconded: Julie. New committee to look at other possibilities for auditors for next year. Committee

5. Election of officers and committee

Nominations received for the CAN committee have been posted on the CAN website. Of the existing committee, the following members were standing for re-election: Jane Dawson, Anne Fitzsimon, Graeme Lindup, Elaine Richardson and Stephen Wood. Additionally, Julie Roe from the Waikato had nominated herself.  
Chairperson: Graeme Lindup- proposed by Anne Fitzsimon, seconded: Jane Dawson. (Graeme indicated that he will probably stand down at the 2012 AGM.)  
Treasurer: Elaine Richardson- proposed by Anne Fitzsimon, seconded: Glen Koorey.  
David Hawke moved that these two nominations be accepted; carried unanimously.  
Secretary: no nominations received. David Hawke indicated that he would be prepared to take committee meeting minutes. Stephen Wood moved that a secretary be appointed by the incoming committee, and that the secretary's responsibilities be apportioned amongst committee members. Seconded: Robbie Price. Committee
Other committee positions: Stephen Wood nominated Jane, Anne, Stephen, Julie Roe (Hamilton); seconded: Glen Koorey. Julie Roe nominated David Hawke; seconded: Jane Dawson. Elected unopposed.  

6. Notice of motion

At the 2010 AGM it was proposed that the CAN committee "investigate having a sliding scale for supporting organisation fees, based on size".  
Stephen Wood had led this investigation and proposed that membership fees for supporting organisations be based on their number of employees: $85 (as now) for organisations with fewer than 100 employees, and $250 for organisations with more than 100 employees. Most of our current supporting organisations have either very few employees, or many more than 100.  
Concerns were raised that the proposed increased fee for large organisations would be too big to be easily approved, and that we might lose supporting organisation members as a result. One supporting organisation had been approached for feedback on the proposal and had indicated that this shouldn't be a problem. But it was suggested that other organisations should also be approached for feedback before implementing any changes.  
The motion was put to the vote. In favour: 5, against: 6. Abstaining: 1. Not accepted. The committee to discuss further and seek feedback from more supporting organisations. Committee

Meeting closed 6:25 PM.

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