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In July 2017 WCC started looking at options for the Southern Cycle Route through Newtown.

Take action for cycling
Have your say on the Island Bay cycleway. Do it today. Here's our handy guide to the options.

Here’s the 30-second version:

  • Option C is best (with some design detail to ensure it doesn’t feel like a shared path)
  • Options B and D are OK (but both compromise cycling or walking)
  • Option A is rubbish.

We’ll be ranking C, B, D as our favourites in order.

August 2, 7-9am, Basin Reserve, bike pitstop Please join us
August 1, 4-7pm, WCC info kiosk at St Anne's Church hall, Emmett St Newtown
July 29, 8am-12 noon, WCC info kiosk at Newtown Farmers' Market
July 26, 4-6pm Adelaide Rd BP, bike pitstop
July 26, 7-9am at Basin Reserve, bike pitstop  Thanks to everyone who paused to say hello. We counted 281 people
July 22 2pm Baobab Cafe meet up

Bike Newtown - for people who want better biking in Newtown, Wellington

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