WCC vacancy: Sustainable Transport Coordinator

Wellington City Council – Employment opportunity

Sustainable Transport Coordinator


The Transport Unit is responsible for planning an effective, efficient and safe transport network to all road users throughout Wellington.  We are looking for a person who can understand and manage the challenging demands on our transport network with a view towards improving sustainability. Someone who can use effective travel demand management tools to effect behaviour change in the community. This role includes:·        

  • Planning, managing and delivering a range of initiatives to assist the community in making decisions to support sustainability in our transport system.·        
  • Working closely with schools, tertiary institutes and other organisations to support the travel planning process.·          
  • Championing walking, cycling and public transport within the community.·        
  • Working closely with our transport safety education coordinator on road safety promotion.·        
  • Working closely with a wide range of people, communities and interest groups in order to reach acceptable solutions to Transport challenges. 

To be part of our successful team you will need:·        

  • To be a thinker.·        
  • Experience in analysing data and statistical information as tools in achieving objectives.·        
  • Excellent communication skills both oral and written. ·          
  • Enjoy delivering high quality customer service and constantly facing challenging problems.·        

Related experience in education, marketing and road safety would be an advantage. Contact Judy Woodham-Hearst on (04) 803-8032 or judy.woodham-hearst@wcc.govt.nz for more information. Apply via our website or send your application and CV to: Judy Woodham-Hearst, Wellington City Council, PO Box 2199, Wellington. Applications close 9am Monday 21 September 2009.