TEAR Fund Poverty Cycle Event 5 March 2011

TEAR Fund is a NZ based Relief and Development registered Charity that has worked in partnership with the NZ Government for many years through the NZAid programme. Planning is underway for the Poverty Cycle (a sponsored cycle event) on March 5th 2011 to raise money for at risk children both in NZ and overseas.

Nationwide sponsored Iconic rides will take place in Auckland, New Plymouth, Nelson and Christchurch. These events will be supported by promotional tours covering the length of the North and South Islands with riders converging on Wellington on March the 4th.

For more information go to http://www.povertycycle.org.nz If you want more information, email info@tearfund.org.nz


Richard Barter


Fund poverty cycle - pedal for a purpose
What's it all about?

TEAR Fund is an international not-for-profit organisation committed to helping those in need. The TEAR Fund ‘Poverty Cycle' fundraising event has been set up to raise funds and awareness across the country about poor and at-risk children in New Zealand, and in the developing world.

TEAR Fund's Richard Barter says the event is about people participating to have fun, get fit and make a difference.

There are two aspects to this nationwide cycling event; one is the regional ‘Iconic Rides' and the other is the ‘Length of Island Tours'.

The Iconic Rides are happening in Auckland, New Plymouth, Nelson and Christchurch on Saturday 5th March 2011. The events are open to anyone who can ride a bike and is prepared to seek sponsorship. Money raised will assist those working with at risk children.

The rider can choose to be sponsored for the distance they cycle, or just the fact that they are having a go. It's not a race, so riders will ride at a gentle pace ensuring the safety of other participants and users of the paths.

The Length of the Island Tours will be led by TEAR Fund staff members Frank Richie and Richard Barter. Frank will lead the North Island tour from Whangarei to Wellington, and Richard the South Island Tour from Invercargill to Picton.

The tour riders will be hosted enroute by local churches and marae, with community groups providing meals.
Why a cycling event?

Richard Barter says this event has been his, and the Director of TEAR Fund Steve Tollestrup's, dream for many years. It has taken six years to have the staff and enough volunteers around the country to make the event happen.

"I have travelled to over 30 developing countries and one common feature is that the poor travel by bicycle. This event is a way of relating to a large portion of fellow travellers on the planet," Richard says.

"As an organisation we're also conscious of our carbon footprint and we're keen to promote active modes of transport not only to reduce carbon emissions, but to encourage our supporters to adopt healthy lifestyles. All of these factors add up to an event where participants pedal for a purpose."

Why get involved?

The money raised will assist TEAR Fund to continue the work they do, both locally and internationally, to empower the poor to break the poverty cycle and to raise awareness of vulnerable at-risk children. TEAR Fund's mission is to do everything they can to ensure that these children have the opportunities to succeed in life.
How to get involved?

You'll need to register to participate. Registrations are open now. Because this is the first time for this event there is a cap on numbers, so get in quick!

• Registration for both events closes Saturday 19 Feb 2011
• Fundraising closes 5pm Saturday 26 Feb 2011

Small children will need designated caregivers.

Go to www.povertycycle.org.nz to register, or call TEAR Fund on 0800 800 777.
You can also visit them at their offices at: 64c Stoddard RD, Mt Roskill, Auckland.

What's happening at the Iconic Rides?

There will be safe rides organised for children and a prize giving for riders. Those that raise the most money locally will win a bike supplied by Avanti. The person who raises the most funds will win a trip for two to a developing country to visit a ‘Children at Risk' project as a TEAR Fund Ambassador. There's another special bike prize for someone who has a special story to tell as a result of participating in the event.
What to bring:

Bring a raincoat and snacks for the day.

While nearly all the rides are completely off road, participants should be aware of the cycling road code, and especially be very courteous to other users of the pathways.

For full event details or to pledge your support for an Iconic local event rider or a Length of the Island tour rider visit: www.povertycycle.org.nz

If you're unable to participate but want to help out, TEAR Fund are seeking volunteers to assist at the Iconic Ride venues in Auckland, New Plymouth, Nelson and Christchurch.