Tawa Shared Path

The current proposal is for a shared path (for both cyclists and pedestrians like Ara Harakeke) to be constructed from Takapu Station through to Kenepuru Station and for most part following the railway corridor.  Porirua City Council will pick up the pathway from Kenepuru Station north.
Advantages of the current proposal
a)  Will travel past the existing MTB skills area developed by TORRC, hence there will be greater exposure and opportunity to use this cycling asset.
b)  Direct connection from Tawa college to Tawa Pool across railway line where currently there is none.
c)  New bridge connection from Tawa's Linden Park, north to the existing maintenance track between the Porirua Stream and railway line.  This will create a viable low traffic route connection for cyclists and walkers from Porirua railway station to Takapu road.  From Porirua station north there is an existing off road route up to Gear homestead. 
d)  If Transmission Gully goes ahead, Kenepuru Drive will have a multilane roundabout on it for the motorway off ramp.  This roundabout and the anticipated increase in traffic levels is likely to have a detrimental effect for cyclists and walkers  The stream pathway at least would offer an alternative route for cyclists and walkers.  
At the meeting a representative of the Friends of Tawa Bush stood up and on behalf of the group, stated their opposition against the current proposal.  It appeared that their group wanted it to be a walking path only, no cycles and a less direct, meandering route following the stream in all places rather than some places with the likely result that it would be less attractive for connecting.
You may have a differing view?
If you want to see the current proposed plans go to http://www.wellington.govt.nz/projects/new/tawa-path.html
If you want to place any feedback that you may have on this project, you can email them at cycling@wcc.govt.nz
If you support this project it is important to place feedback, otherwise if the only feedback comes from people opposed to the project, the Wellington City Council may alter the plans to reflect their wishes.

So your submission could be a simple:
 "I support the current proposal for the Tawa Shared Path as shown in the plans on the Council webpages November 2010"
"I support the concept of the Shared Path through Tawa Nov 2010 plans and while willing to accept the current proposal, I would see a potential improvement being ........"