Spokes Dunedin Submissions on draft: DCC LTCCP, ORC LTCCP, ORLTP

Attached are the recent Spokes Dunedin Submissions on: draft DCC Long Term Council Community Plan (LTCCP), draft ORC LTCCP, & draft Otago Regional Land Transport Programme (RLTP).

Wondered about Phaedra sending a copy of the ORC LTCCP and ORLTP to ORC ahead of Spokes Dunedin's submission.

Jane Turnball (ORC Transport Policy) jane.turnball@orc.govt.nz

Fraser McCrae (Director of Policy and Resource Planning) (Jane's Manager) fraser.mccrae@orc.govt.nz

Fraser is likely to have received a copy but unsure about Jane. As we saw with DCC, the non-managerial staff do not receive these. Jane and Fraser are who Spokes Dunedin will need to establish a relationship with to progress Spokes ORC issues e.g. Bike Racks on Buses. I have visited Jane and Fraser with Judy Martin and Dick Martin who were the Living Streets Dunedin and Spokes Dunedin leaders at the time. I think the ORC will be too busy at this stage to meet but later when RLTP submissions have been heard we need to arrange to meet. Perhaps indicate this in the body of the email when you send the submissions?

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