SH2 Cycling signs

From Mark Edwards, NZTA


Hi everyone,
The electronic signs on SH2 are about to be switched on (Monday 13th July). The leaflet for wider publicity is attached (for the Can / Caw / BikeNZ websites)
The signs are activated by loops detecting bikes or by call button. The signs are sited;
1) facing traffic coming down Ngauranga gorge heading for SH2. The signs alert motorists to a northbound cyclist in the merge area where Hutt Rd heads to SH2 after the traffic lights. A loop just before the bus stop by the traffic lights detects cycles and switches the sign on. A light on the rear of the sign will tell cyclists the sign has come on. The sign stays on for 30sec. If you can't merge / cross in that time pressing the call button on the holdrail (just after the bus stop) will reactivate the sign.
2) There are also a pair of signs at Petone off ramp (one before one after the off ramp) to warn motorists that there is a cyclist ahead either on the off ramp or crossing the off ramp and may be a cyclist heading under the overbridge. A holdrail facility has been provided on the off ramp should cyclists wish to use it. Again the signs are on for 30sec.
Feedback would be welcomed as to how they work (be that direct to me or to the general press if it's positive [the later helps educate driver as well]).
This is fairly new stuff for NZ. If you think it works / has value please say so a positive reaction helps make this kit the sort of stuff we can use more widely rather than it being the exception.
Regards Mark