RCA Supports "Rotorua In Gear"

1 November, 2008


Rotorua Cycle Action (RCA)

82 Turner Drive

Rotorua, 3015



Amy Fowler

Sport BOP


Dear Amy,


Thank you for attending the RCA meeting on 14 October. We very much appreciate the continued support of Sport BOP in our efforts to advocate for improved cycling in Rotorua. We are extremely pleased to learn about the "Rotorua in Gear" programme, which you presented to us at that meeting and we would like to applaud you and your co-applicants for this initiative. We have high hopes that it will be funded by SPARC.

Rotorua Cycle Action (RCA) wishes to officially declare its support for the "Rotorua in Gear" programme. The three action areas of the project are very much in line with the objectives of RCA and "Cycle Promotion" is a primary theme of our advocacy.

RCA gladly welcomes the significant initiatives that have been proposed as important benefits to the community and we pledge to support the "Get in Gear" in every way that we can.

Sustaining the benefits of this project beyond the three-year funding period is fundamental to significant long term improvements for cycling in Rotorua. RCA is prepared to contribute to the ongoing success of this initiative. We are committed to making Rotorua more than a cycling destination; our city can also be safe and fun to ride in! We look forward to working together with Sport BOP to improve the cycling environment in Rotorua and to make the benefits of cycling available to everyone.

Again we would like to state our enthusiastic support for the "Rotorua in Gear" initiative. Please do not hesitate to contact us, we look forward to working with you to get (and keep) Rotorua in Gear.


Sincere Regards, 


XXXXX       (for Rotorua Cycle Action)  

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I have not had any feedback on this and i trust that nobody has any issues. I am mailing a hard copy of this letter (as written with letterhead and my signature) to Amy Fowler this afternoon.