Police issues

CAN is meeting with Superintendant Paula Rose, Police National Road Safety manager on 24 June: a great chance to discuss with the Police some important issues affecting cyclists. 

Please post any comments or suggestions for the meeting. Draft agenda is below:

  • Reducing speed limit enforcement tolerance
  • Light sentences or decision not to prosecute for drivers hitting cyclists
  • Changing the assumption of responsibility in motor vehicle/cycle crashes
  • Legal/enforcement issues, including how far left is 'keep left'?, 'undertaking' motorists on the left, safe passing gap
  • Traffic Management Plans: when are they needed?
  • Police 'Cycle Aware' training workshops: possibility of Police HQ endorsement for national roll-out of Wellington course
  • Road Safety 2010 revision
  • Police on bikes
  • Cycle skills/safety training: current Police involvement & vision for the future