Hutt Cycle Network - Meeting Minutes 1 July 2010

Attendance: Stuart Edwards, Tom & Jane Halliburton, Derek, Pat van Berkel, Michael Ellis, Neville Whitlock, Derek Richardson.

Apologies: Jan Simmons (HCC), Graeme Lyons

Followed a loose series of topics:

1) NZTA Attendance and Ngauranga Trianagle Study.

NZTA were invited to attend the meeting but after an initial enthusiasm declined citing the impending release of the Ngauranga triangle study (Due end of July 2010). NZTA representatives noted this would include content relevant to cyclists.

The group were disappointed that there was no discussion or consultation with either the Cycle Aware Wellington or Hutt Cycle Network for this study. It was queried whether this was a decision document and whether there was an obligation to consult. NZTA had indicated it was not a consultation document, but that cyclists would have an opportunity to participate in the process when local councils made submissions on priority works.

The meeting wished to discover what the obligation of NZTA was in respect to consultatin and ensure that this was met, if not that an opportunity was provided.

There was concern that our small group would not have sufficient impact in consultation, however with the inclusion of the 5pm commuter group and some straegic leafletting we should be able to swell the numbers of interested parties to attend a special meeting after the study is released.

Action 1: Stuart to contact Tom Bennion and request assistance with respect to how NZTA may be obliged to consult.

Action 2: Hold August meeting as per usual but come prepared having read study to decide next chain of events.


Discussed whether grop was interested in hosting the 2010 CAN set to be held in Wellington.

The idea met with a big YES. We have a great cycle city to showcase, especially with the Hutt Cycle trail for a ride during the day and the Wairarapa for a multi-day ride after the CAN DO.

Several options for accommodating the CAN Do and participants were discussed. Group felt confident it would garner the support of Mayor Ogden, who would be appreciative of an opportunity for publicity.

Avalon Pavillon favoured as close to the Hutt River Trail and the childrens cycle training park.

Action 3: Michael Ellis to seek mayoral support.

Action 4: Jane to seek costs for hiring Avalon Pavillon from the Lions Club).

Action 5: Stuart to seek availablity of internet access for the weekend.

Action 6: Derek to seek prices for accommodation.

3) Cycle Friendly Awards

Discussed nominating Hutt City Council and Mayor Ogden for Cycle Friendly awards. Nomination warmly supported

Action 7: Stuart draft nomination form and circulate

4) Feedback on Report from Hutt City Council Road Safety Officer

The group received and discussed the report submitted by Jan Simmons of Hutt City Council. (see attached with feedback appended)

The following comments were made:

on item 1 of Jan's report: The group supported the first bullet point but required more information on the intended works.

The second bullet point seemed related more to parks budget than cycling as the path suggested appears likely to be too steep for cycling. (Action: need to confirm)

Third bullet point was supported although this depends on the width of the proposed path. The width of the path recently compete on the Eatern side of the river betweek Melling and Kennedy Good Bridge is optimal, but any narrower would be a waste of money from the perspective of safe cycling/mixec use paths.

Fourth bullet point was supported.

Item 2  re quality of seal on shoulder was supported.

Item 3 was noted andfollowing feedback provided:

  • Overall great facility. but some simple improvements could be made
  • Exit at Kennedy Good Bridge is on blind spot in road and additional signage or speed deterrents should be put in place to prevent a potential accident where cars turn left off Fairway Drive down the ramp to Harcourt Werry. Noted that this crossing would be an excellent site to trail the lit signs recently added to SH2 at Petone.
  •   Kennedy Good to Pomare (on stopbank through the Fraser Park is too narrow, and dangerous. Hope that the trail beside the river continues to be sealed northwards rather than cyclists being expectedto use this narrow path.
  • Recommend signage to warn cyclists of gates across path (by Boulcott substation heading south)
  • Chicanes at road ends have been effective in deterring motorised vehicle users.
  • Courtesy signage for the trail would be a positive addition reminding users to keep left and cyclists to use bells.
  • We are looking forward to the "starlight studs"

Item 4 was also noted, discussion was held around creating a google map to log dangerous storm water grates. Subsequently suggest that it is best just to log these with Jan as suggested. Noted also recent article in Hutt news about storm water grates being stolen. 

emails to:

Grop also provides very positive feedback regarding the proactive and positive approch to cyclists needs by/of the Council and their officers.

Meeting closed 8.30

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