How about a National Critical Mass Ride?

It has been suggested that we try to coordinate a National Critical Mass Ride (concurrent local critical mass rides nationwide) during Bikewise month.

In Rotorua we are doing a Crictical Mass Ride on the morning of 18 February to link in with "Go by Bike Day" and the free breakfast, etc. It would be quite significant if there were 5-10 Critical Mass Rides all going on the same day. 

I have pasted in below the email dialogue so far - apologies for not formatting.

cheers, chris

And a response from Cycle Action Waiheke, 
Eldad Collins
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Hi Tom,
Thanks for the response! When i heard that we were planning a mass ride 
on the 18th I thought "wouldn't it be great to get all the local Cycle 
groups to do the same thing on the same day" Just imagine what sort of 
reaction you would get if it took place on a nation wide level! With our 
email technology it just takes 5 minutes to flick a proposal to 
everybody around the country!
The main message we're trying to project is to let all road users see 
that we're there (on the road) as well. It's a friendly ride.
"One sees one butterfly and appreciates it's beauty, one sees a swarm of 
butterflies and stops in awe to view the spectacle"
It's great to hear that Cycle groups nation wide are looking for ways to 
bring the message across.
Keep up the good flight!
Harm Zuidmeer
Marijke & Tom Ransom wrote:
> Hello Harm,
> Cycle Action Waiheke are doing a critical mass ride but not planned for the same date. Ours is on 22nd February and will basicly be just a mass ride to our AGM. In truth it wont really be similar to the real critical mass as its on a Sunday morning. Yours sounds much more like the real thing and good luck with it. I am a believer in pushing in all ways and just because you can sit down at a table with councilors and engineers shouldnt bar you from carrying out peacefull and active protests if you feel your voice needs more amplification at any time. Good cop bad cop always works well, we find its almost worth marketing the commitee as a sensible pragmatic voice prepared to accept councils advice and some compomise but make council aware of a vast groundswell of discontent in the membership ready to cause trouble if the compromise isnt up to scratch. This is even if in truth its the commitee planning the direct actions Shhh dont tell anyone........
> Good on you
> Tom Ransom
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>   Hello,
>   You may or may not be aware of this but Rotorua Cycle Action is planning a 'Critical Mass Bike ride' through the center of Rotorua on the 18th of February. 
>   The idea behind it all is to claim back the street and to reinstate the commuting cyclist as an integral part of the traffic scene.
>   The ride has been planned to be part of the national Bike Wise week. 
>   The gist:
>   - We meet at the Energy Center at around 06:45
>   - Ride departs from the Energy Center at 07:00
>   - The route is secret. It will be a 'follow the leader' type scenario around town. It's all about 'Claiming the Street' on a friendly level of course. (Please leave baseball bats at home)
>   - Ride ends at the City focus for a 'free healthy breakfast'  which in turn is organized by sport Bay of Plenty to celebrate 'Go By Bike Day' 
>   The reason I am sending this email to you is that this ride gives us as Commuting cyclists the opportunity to stand together and create an event on a national level. 
>   If all the cycle advocacy groups around the country could arrange a similar event on the same day and on the same time we could quash the notion once and for all that cyclist don't belong on the road!
>   If you would like any further information you could email me or contact Eldad Collins at
>   Regards
>   Harm


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