Heads up: TV3 story on cycle helmet law

TV3's Lachlan Forsyth is doing a story on cycle helmets and the law, featuring me reciting CAN's policy, and possibly Barb Cuthbert. It may screen tonight.


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Thu, 29 Jul 2010 6:18p.m. By Lachlan Forsyth

Cycling advocates are calling for a review of the legislation which makes it compulsory to wear helmets.

They're concerned New Zealand's stringent law discourages casual cycling and say our legislation is viewed overseas as an example of how not to approach the issue.

New Zealand's cycle helmet laws have been in place for 16 years.

Cyclists 3 News spoke with today agreed there are plenty of times when they're necessary.

But while cyclists are required to slap on a lid or face a $150 fine, there is no such requirement for skateboards or longboards.

It’s the compulsory aspect that advocates would like to see reviewed.

The Ministry of Transport has indicated it has no plans to review cycle helmet laws.

Advocates say with all types of cycling increasing in popularity, it's time for another look.

The word from the riders is, just make cycling more accessible.

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