Frocks on Bikes

frocks on bikes
Here is the latest update on Frocks on Bikes. Thanks to our linkage with Megan Hoskings, things have taken off in a big way, and we are now doing an event on 6th Dec which is ADDITIONAL to our original proposal.

Details of the day:

350 Frocks on Bikes – 3:50pm Saturday December 6th Waitangi Park, Wellington

To celebrate International Day of Action on Climate  Change– hosted by the Climate Action 350 Group

Frocks on Bikes is for women who love bikes and dresses.  350 women on bikes will be doing a central city promenade from Waitangi Park to draw attention to the inherent coolness and beauty of biking.  Participants will wear their most dashing clothes – frocks, high heels and other glam accessories will be part of this glittering spectacle.

Frock wearing bike riders will meet at Waitangi Park and set off at 3:50pm – beside the Frocks on Bikes banner


Frocks on Bikes is a new initiative set up to put the beauty back into biking.  It began at last summer's Bike to Work day with a small group of women in frocks.  The aim is to celebrate both the glamorous and everyday use of bikes.  Biking doesn't have to be about lycra and sweating.  Riding a bike in your everyday work clothes or in a pretty frock is an ideal, safe and stylish way to get around the central city. 

 Why women?

In cities where bikes predominate, women tend to cycle as much or even more than men.  Women have a key part to play in encouraging more cycle-friendly cities.  Research shows women cyclists experience a few differing barriers to men including greater concerns about safety.  The social and fun aspects of cycling are especially appealing to women.

 Why 350?

350 parts per million (ppm) is the concentration of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere that is safe for our planet. Unfortunately the current concentration is at 387ppm, and has been increasing due to human activities. Luckily the effect of this CO2 overshoot takes a while to kick in, but we only have a decade or two or else we risk becoming an ice-free planet, which would seriously destabilise our climate systems, cause sea-levels to rise, acidify the oceans and so on. Saturday 6th of December 2008 is the International Day of Action on Climate Change. It is a day for communities to come together to take action on climate change and, in doing so, call on world leaders to take urgent action.

 Worldwide appeal

Frocks on Bikes is locally grown right here in Wellington but has global appeal and is part of a global network of stylish cyclist movements such as Copenhagen Cycle Chic and Riding Pretty.

The future 

Lunchtime Frocks on Bikes rides for women will also be held during February in Wellington.


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