Electronic signs add to cycle improvements on State Highway 2

NZ Transport Agency Wellington Regional Office
14 July 2009  
Electronic signs add to cycle improvements on State Highway 2  
Many things need space to thrive, and the city's cyclists are no exception.
Yesterday the NZ Transport Agency turned on electronic signs for cyclists at designated crossing points at the Ngauranga intersection of SH2 and Hutt Road, and at the Petone off-ramp.
The signs, featuring the symbol of a cyclist, will be activated when a cyclist rides over a sensor in the road.  The sensors' locations on the highway will be marked by six white diamonds and a small bike.  The signs will warn other road users there is a cyclist about to cross their path or merge with them.
The electronic signs will stay on for 30 seconds.  An orange light at the rear of the sign will reassure the cyclist that the light is on for other road users to see.  Hold rails have also been provided at crucial intersections should a cyclist feel unsure about crossing within 30 seconds.  The hold rails will have push buttons that the cyclist can use to activate the sign once they wish to continue on their way.
The initiative, which follows on from the installation of green surface markings on State Highway 2 beetween Ngauranga and Petone, is designed to raise awareness about cyclists in the minds of other road users, and for the need to share the space.  Cyclists also need to remain vigilant and ride with extra care in these locations.  The strips of green surfacing identify places where motorists may expect cyclists to cross their path.  The evidence so far is that the road markings make road users more aware of cyclists and provides them the space they require.
Wellington Highways Manager Rob Whight says the green strips have received terrific feedback from cyclists.
"What we want to do is provide space on the highway for both cyclists and other road users.  The message here is about sharing the space safely and for all road users to pay attention to each other.
"The initiative is intended to make road users and cyclists aware of each other and the need to respect each other's right to be safe on the road."
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