Dunedin Tunnels Option for cyclist to be decided by Council in their first meeting

Dunedin City Council is making its Southern Cycle Routes option decision at its first Council meeting  with a decision due late today or tomorrow.

The new Council appears to be favourable to opening up at least the Caversham Tunnel (and considering the Chain Hills Tunnel).  Here is hoping the Council votes for an economically sound cycle (and walking) project.  The feasability report states clearly the tourism dollars that such a project would likely generate.


Option C is the preferred option for the Dunedin Tunnels Trust (who think it can be done for a lot less than the 7.7 million which is the Rolls Royce Option including paved the whole route) 

but Option B (combined with Council Staff suggested ongoing dialogue with the Community about the second tunnel) is at least progress towards achieving the dream.

Spokes Dunedin has long supported and advocated in Council submissions to opening the Caversham Tunnel. Lets hope the news from Council (which looks promising from the ODT article) is good news.  If the Council decision is Option A (bike over the hill with a painted cycle lane) there is unlikely to be a story, if it is Option B there will likely be a story on TV3.