Draft Environment Waikato Regional Walking and Cycling Strategy

FWD message

Hi everybody
The Regional Transport Committee received (on Monday this week) the draft of the walking and cycling strategy and approved it to be be circulated to targetted stakeholders for submissions or feedback.   I have identified about 80 stakeholders whom we are targetting for feedback through a submission/feedback process. A proportion of the 80 stakeholders are members of the steering group who helped shape the strategy.  For those of you receiving this email, you are identified because you were either part of the original sub-regional focus group meetings held last year, or other walking and cycling stakeholders whom we believe your input for this strategy is welcomed.
In keeping with environmental sustainability, we have chosen to made the draft available to you on the Environment Waikato website link -
If you have no way of printing off a copy, please get in touch with me and I will post you a hard copy.   I will need a posal address.
Submissions/feedback will be received up to 3rd August
Isy Kennedy, Senior Transport Planner

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