cycle to work event 21 Sept?

From Jennie Henton

Hi Cycle Aware
In view of the Copenhagen conference on climate change this December a number of organisations like Oxfam and Avaaz members and are setting up events on Sept 21 to wake up the world leaders.
Avaaz members have registered more than 350 September 21 Climate Wake-Up Call events in 54 countries.

Would you be interested in organising with me a cycle to work event in Wellington on Mon 21 to demonstrate to world leaders that a huge and growing global movement will accept nothing less than a fair, ambitious, and binding climate treaty strong enough to avert catastrophic climate change.

So you know, The Global Wake-Up Call is a joint effort of the TckTckTck Campaign, named for the "tck"ing of a clock as time runs short. Through TckTckTck, Avaaz is working closely with groups like, Oxfam, and Greenpeace; with the producers of the film The Age of Stupid (which will showcase the Wake-Up Call at their global premiere!), and with mayors, houses of worship, and famous entertainers to raise a cry that will be heard around the world.

Cheers Jennie