Cycle Bell Vouchers from WCC

Posted on behalf of Michelle Stevenson, Transport Safety Coordinator, WCC
I'm currently running a 2 month trial for a free cycle bell, with the support of 3 retailers in Wellington City.  Attached is a pdf of the voucher that can be emailed and printed off to be redeemed at any of the 3 shops listed.  If you would like to circulate this around your networks I would be most grateful.  Vouchers will also be available from all libraries, and will be handed out to cyclists during any checkpoints. 
If this trial is successful I would be very interested in extending this through summer also.  We're hoping to encourage more cyclists to be seen and heard, particularly on shared pathways coming up behind pedestrians (ie the waterfront), through tunnels etc.  There is also potential benefit if cyclists see drivers about to exit a car, being able to make some noise and alert to their presence on the road.
Please feel free to contact me if you would like any printed vouchers also.
Kind regards
Michelle Stevenson
Transport Safety Education Coordinator