Chainlinks planning for May issue 2013

Katy GlenieWorkplace training NO   
Jena NiquadetBespoke Yes
Stephen WoodTouring after the  CAN Do YesYes Yes Yes
Steven MuirHow many bikesYes Yes Yes  
Alastair StewartNZ cycle trails yesyes yes yes 
Brian WolfmanReview of book yesyes  yes yes
Glen or Axel?Riley kurbs study    
Alastair SMithCAW update    
Model comms?     
Bikewise updateEstelleYes 
$69m to Chch?     
Simon K?bike lights YEsTo come Yes  
Sridhar Restorative justice    
 PatrickCycling in the media     

 Daniel Newcombe?Red light runners  yesyes yes yes
 Nazla?Economic benefits     
 Gerry Dancenew road markings     
 Axel Wilke Neighbourhood greenways    
Axel WIlke   Bike lane separators    
Axel  Ten years of industry training    
Lynn Sleath  Liz Mikkelson    
Lynn Sleath  Bike corrall YesYes Yes Yes
 Stephen WoodCycling te Ika Yes  YesYes YEs
 Lyneke Onderwater Green Bikes opportunity YesYes   
 Meg ChristieIceCycles Yes    
 Paul SmithIspired riding journeys yes yes to come yes