CAW Monthly Meeting, 7 July 2009

CAW Meeting

Monthly Meeting, 7 July2009

Southern Cross

6 - 7:30pm


In attendance: Illona, Mark, Paul, Charlie, Craig, Niall, Stu, Janie, Willemijn, Patrick, David, Teresa, Julian, Christina, Bernard

Apologies: Alastair, Nicola


Charlie gave a brief on what 350 is: is an international movement on climate change. The number refers to the parts per million of CO2 that scientists deem is safe for atmospheric level. Currently we're at 382. 350 was launched last year in December at the Climate Day of Action in Wellington and has since expanded from a Wellington to a National group. October 24 2009 is int'l day of action and will see a global commitment to 350 parts per million to take to Copenhagen discussions on new global target post Kyoto Protocol.

Willemijn gave an update on main event planned in Wellington for Oct 24. It will be in front of Mac's Brewery on the waterfront and will include info panels, something interactive people can walk in to and be part of, possibly a sculpture. At 3:50pm something "big" will happen (can't give away the ideas just yet!!) Would be great to have cycle tour and other activities that will culminate at the Mac's Brewery for 3:50pm.

Patrick is keen to get someone to organize a cycle ride for 350. Christina offered to organize a cycle event for the Great Harbour Way on the day and would also like to organize a 350 cycle photo to get into media earlier to promote the event and the day. Christina was appointed organiser of CAW's 350 support cycling event.


Mark: Wellington City Council focus is on "Summer Cycling" events in October, November rather than the February Bike Wise events.

Wellington City Council has agreed to give just under 5 million into cycling initiatives over the next 10 years. Patrick noted the money is partially dependent on WCC getting subsidy from NZTA. Stu noted Hutt City has also increased their amount spent on cycling.

Stewart also noted the need to ensure WCC is accountable for the money and where it's spent.

David updated on a mtg at WCC: main agenda item was that Paul and road safety team are presenting a new programme for next 12 months, in light of money available and how to spend it. Nothing has been set in concrete and they want to meet with reps from CAW to brainstorm. David will follow up with him tomorrow on that.

Decision was made to put out press release and Illona volunteered to be spokesperson for the release.

Illona made call for someone to write a submission for the speed limitations in the city.

Julian agreed to write the submission. Submission is due on 7thAugust.

A request was made for everyone to support speed reductions by going online to and click on "Have Your Say" and jot a couple of lines.

Illona to do Thorndon Quay.


Patrick to send Illona New NZTA new contact details (done)


Simon is the Active Transport person at GWRC and wants volunteers to test the new online journey planner that he is about to launch. Call for volunteers to test the programme one afternoon or evening soon. The programme allows you to plug in where you want to go and it gives you walking and cycling routes, taking hills into account.

If you are keen please email:

GO BY BIKE Breakfast in 2010

A vote was put for helping Simon Kennett organise a Go By Bike Breakfast in February. Vote was passed unanimously.

There will be a job for a coordinator to liaise with council and Bike Wise people etc. Downsize this year - no soundstage, etc, keep it simple. Illona: supports Go By Bike as it drums up membership for CAW.

There was some talk of changing the format a bit instead of breakfast -make it a family event, or possibly a race.. could spark retailer sponsorship, etc.
Motion was held that the Breakfast event is tried, tested and true, but another format could be explored, or potentially added as a further event.


Niall is the willing website volunteer Scotsman and is open to ideas for making grand! Contact him with your ideas.

David noted the current CAN site isn't as functional as it could be. He has volunteered to help work on making it more functional. Expect amore formal update at the next meeting but rest assured "things are happening"!


Paul: Submission forms have been sent out to thousands of residents which focus on bus transport but have no mention of carriages for cycles on buses. If you haven't received a submission please download a copy at:

A report is due on the GWRC free cycles on trains trial.

Paul requested someone give a short presentation at next GWRC Transport and Access meeting on cycle structures on buses: 30 July.

Illona volunteered to give presentation.


Teresa: Computer upgraded. There was an extra cost because of needing to upgrade database so it was compatible to the upgraded computer! Total cost $348.46 and also $425.20 spent on prepaid envelopes for 2 mailouts. Unanimous acceptance of spent costs.

Update on members: 82 members; 86 on email; 1 snail mail

Biggest membership was 120ish and other years were lower.

A call was made on the necessity of being more diligent at harvesting email addy's at events to drum up membership.

CAW started with $3500 and almost doubled it because Illona got volunteers to marshall the cycling event "Bike the Bays" last summer.

There is money to spend on honorariums etc. However it doesn't seem to be growing as much as it was. Note: more members are joining directly through CAN rather than going directly to CAW. A proportion of membership fee goes to CAN for things like Chainlinks magazine, etc. CAN gives CAW appropriate percentage from Wellington memberships.

Discussion was had for honorarium for Illona noted the reason for doing the Bike the Bays volunteer was to have $ to expend on future events. Bike the Bays raised $1400. That money could be used for a campaign or some such. Currently on the cards: Bus driver training campaign, Go By Bike Breakfast, event. Need seed money for

Christina interjects that she is not expecting to be paid. It would be an added bonus if there was a koha, for her time but with a vast understanding of NGOs she is happy to organise the event but requests funds for promotion purposes.

Paul encourages CAW to ask GWRC for sponsorship money as it lines up with the climate change and community initiatives.

Illona reminds there are 2 more rounds for WCC funding.

Have $1400 how much to spend on the 350 event?

Coupla votes for $1000

One move for $500

One for $700 (2X 350)

Decision made to put $1050 towards it (3X 350!)

A breakdown of approximately 30 hours coordination work at $20 = $600

Bus Driver Training.

Illona needs to hassle as she hasn't had an update.

David:  Workshop development is complete for it.

Meeting adjourns at 7:30pm

NEXT MTG: Tuesday, August 4that Southern Cross.