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Thanks for your response, I too have attempted to contact various cap and trade outfits with no response from any of them. You have had more luck. I do not trust the big boys to ever or in time for us to make faster or more dramatic changes to the car based transportation system get us money for using bicycles. The idea I am proposing is a regional, self administered, self funded and self actualized program. I do not want to wait for government or bureaucracy to sanction or fund our various cycle-centric organizations This is a program to collectively do it our selves. Your program is exactly the level that this system will benefit. Community bike shops like the Bike Kitchen earn funds through their wrenching and sales activities. Organizations such as bicycle coalitions and other traditional grant funded non-profits need a ready source of income. The promise side of this will help to identify and unite cyclist in addition to giving validity to our offset claims. Having a box on your web site by June of this year will allow you to sell the carbon credits you have received from local bicycle riders who have enrolled in your promise bike program. We can do this now.
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This Wiki is for the development of the promise bike carbon credit exchange system.
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Hi All,
Just yesterday while attending "Bike Summit " an idea of accessing the carbon credits we bicycle riders constantly accrue solidified.

The key is the promise bike. Thanks to Bill Wright of The Arcata Bike Library who reserves the nicer library bikes for patrons who promise not to use a car in town.   Bill keeps track of the number of promise bikes  and then makes claims to local institutions that provide parking for cars.
He is providing a value because the bicycle riders do not require a $43,000 parking space.

He sent a bill to the local college for millions payable over thirty years.

Here is the adaptation of the Promise Bike to carbon credits. When we ride our bikes the miles traveled represent carbon not burnt by making the same trip in a car.
When a cyclist enrolls in the local promise bike program phe (a gender neutral pro-noun replacing the cumbersome he/she) creates carbon credits which are donated to a local cycle-centric organization. That local organization can then sell the credits to concerned but still car driving individuals, or when a person fly in an airplane they can buy promise bike carbon credits. This is the basic idea.

I see this as having a huge potential for many aspects of our sheared mission. (The replacement of the automobile as the primary transportation choice for humans in general)

1. A method of capitalizing the riding of a bicycle
2. A method of documenting the use of bicycles
3. A source of funding for cycle-centric organizations
4. An opportunity for persons who are concerned but not able for what ever reason to participate directly in the new economy and sustainable lifestyle options.

What I propose is we (the bicycle collective) collaborate on a wiki to forge this program.
The tasks I see are:
1. What does a carbon credit certificate look like?
2. How do we establish the promise bike program?
Where do you go to sign up?
How is the integrity of these certificates substantiated?
3. Establishing a monetary value for our carbon credits.
I see this as one more organ in our revolution.
We are pillars in this community.
Roll on


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