Call for submissions for Rimutaka Railway proposal

Greater Wellington Regional Council is now calling for submissions on the Rimutaka Incline Railway Heritage Trust's proposal to rebuild the railway from Maymorn to Summit, replacing the Rimutaka Rail Trail. Submissions are due by 31 January 2012.

The proposal is substantially as presented to GWRC in November.

The specification for the "walking track" has been widened to 4m, and the gradient to a maximum of 5%, but the cost does not appear to have changed!

There are some suggested precautions to be taken against fire hazard, including replanting vegetation along the track, but this does not seem to appear in the construction schedule or in the budget.

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The current route from Kaitoke to Summit has maximum gradient of 2.5% = 1 in 40.
The Wairarapa side has grades up to 7% = 1 in 15.
The initial proposal for a replacement walkway included grades up to 12.5% = 1 in 8.
The revised proposal says less steep grades but will result in more bends.

CAW's revised submission on the proposal has been submitted.