Bike Buddies needed

Subject: Do you commute regularly into town? Do you know someone who does?
Date: Mon, 16 Nov 2009 15:41:50 +1300

Hi all


Jess from Sport BOP contacted me about the bike buddy programme during Bike Wise month (February 2010).  The idea is to give new cycling commuters an opportunity to join experienced commuters during Bike Wise month (we should probably have this going all year round).  There needs to be a person who people can contact to find out if there is an experienced commuter they can join in their area.  I’m going to be the contact person but I need a list of experienced commuters willing to buddy up with new commuters during Bike Wise month.  If you’re able and willing to support this programme during Bike Wise then please contact me with information on your commuting day/time/route. 




Eldad Collins

Principal Planner/Sustainability Advisor

APR Consultants

PO Box 1715


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