2012 Cycle Friendly Awards - Call for Nominations


Cycle Friendly Awards 2012

 Pre-Nominations Announcement

Nominations to open 15 August 2011

Was there a bicycle project or initiative which impressed you over the last year? How about a group or individual who worked hard to promote cycling? Help them receive recognition by nominating them for a Cycle Friendly Award.

Nominations will be accepted for cycling projects / person carried out during the 13-months from 1 June 2010 to 30 June 2011.  The closing date for entries is Friday, 2 December 2011 (31 October deadline for the "early bird" prize draw). Awards Ceremony 23 February 2012 in Hastings at the 2walkdandCycle Conference.

The completed entry form (+ photos and other attachments up to the 1MB, 5 A4 page document limit, links are OK but will only be referred to at judges discretion) should be emailed to awards@can.org.nz  (one nomination per email). 

Please contact Dirk De Lu at: 03 337 1790 or awards@can.org.nz   with any questions.

Details of nominating person (valid nomination received by 31 October  enters you into the "early bird" draw.)


Watch this space for the downloadable nomination form coming in August.

The maximum entry size is a 1MB document of five A4 pages as a DOC, RTF or PDF file format.

  • Although the judging panel may independently seek additional information on nominated entries, it is in your best interests to provide as much detail with your entry within the five page limit [not including this front page].
  • All information should be contained as 3 pages of text, addressing the judging criteria, and 2 pages of supporting documentation (e.g. photos and diagrams must be embedded into this document). Any information beyond the five page limit will not be evaluated.
  • In addition please also send the nominated organisation's logo (or nominated person's photo) as a high resolution JPG file.
  • If alternative material/media/weblink is considered important as part of the submission please contact the Awards co-ordinator as early as possible.
  • The Awards co-ordinator reserves the right to move a nomination into a more appropriate category.



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