CAN Employees

Patrick Morgan

CAN Project Manager (based in Wellington)

Patrick says, "For twenty years at Cycling Action Network I have worked with our members, decision makers and the wider community to make New Zealand better for cycling. We've had some big wins (NZ Cycle Trails, and the Urban Cycleways Programme) but there are still too many headwinds. Recreational cycling is popular, but it would be a mistake to assume it is easy to make sport riders into transport riders.

I am keen to lead the changes we need. We have built an organisation, run campaigns and conferences, won funding, and influenced elections. We're pretty good at understanding how news media work, and giving them what they need to tell better stories about cycling and city-building.

My crazy dream is to fix climate change, improve health and make our streets work better. Together, we'll build a national movement that brings people together around better ways to live and move.

Phone +64 27 563 4733
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Richard Barter

CAN Share The Road (STR) Project Manager (based in Auckland) 

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